Ledall Roll (Additional MS 39564)

The First Flourish
The Second Flourish
Laying Down of the Sword
The First Chase
The Second Chase
The Third Chase
The Fourth Chase called “The Bow-Thrust”
The Fifth Chase called “At the Rounds”
The Sixth Chase called “The Tumbling Chase”
The Seventh Chase called “The Tumbling Chase”
The Eighth Chase called “The Spring”
The 9th Chase called “The Four Points”
The 10th Chase called “The Five Points”
The 11th Chase called “The 3 points”
The 12th Chase called “The 3 points”
The 13th Chase called “The getting Chase”
The First Point of the Counter
The Second Counter called: “The Full-Spring”
The Third Counter called: “The Short-Spring, with a Falling-stroke”
The 22nd Called: “The Large Proffer with a Rabett ?? the for Quarter”
The 23rd Called: “The facing, with the Spring”
The Stopping Rabett
The Dragon's Tail with the Pendant
The 4th called: The Rabett with a Down-right Stroke
The 5th called: “The 3 Quarters”
The 6th Point called: “The Cross Rake”
The 7th Point called: “The Down-right Stroke”
The 8th called: “The Rabett with a Down-right Stroke”
The 9th called: “The Double Round with 2 Thrusts”
The 10th called: “The Snatch”
The 11th called: “The Short Spring with 2 Thrusts Following”
The 12th Point called: “The Fool”
The 13th Point Called: “The Down-right Stroke Standing Still”
The 14th Point
The 15th Called “The Broken Spring with the thrust”
The 16th and the Defence it Named Shall Close You
The 17th Called: “The Double Spring”
The 18th Called: “The Double Rabetts”
The 19th called The Cross Rakes with a Quarter
The 20th called The Broken Quarter with a Thrust
The 21st called The Broken Thrust with a Spring