Combined Gloss of Johannes Liechtenauer

In order to more easily correlate different glosses, we are using the "Recital on the Chivalric Art of Fencing" as translated by Christian Henry Tobler. Other translations may use slightly different wording or a different numbering scheme.


This is the Prologue

No Gloss

This is a general teaching of the long sword

Verse 9 "If you want to behold the art..."
Verse 11 "He who follows the strokes..."
Verse 15 "Listen to what is wrong..."
Verse 17 "Before and After, these two things..."
Verse 21 "Learn five strokes..."

This is the text

Verse 23 "Wrath Stroke, Crooked, Thwart..."

The Wrath Stroke

Verse 27 "Who strikes at you above..."
Verse 28 "If he becomes aware of it..."
Verse 29 "Be strong against it..."
Verse 30 "Note this..."
Verse 30 Passage 22 "Item. Execute the war thusly:"
Verse 33 "In all winding..."

The Four Openings

Verse 36 "Four openings know..."

To Counter the Four Openings

Verse 38 "If you want to avenge yourself..."
Verse 38 Passage 26 "The doubling"
Verse 38 Passage 27 "Note the mutating"

The Crooked Stroke

Verse 42 "Crooked on him with nimbleness..."
Verse 43 "Who performs the crooked well..."
Verse 44 "Strike crooked to the flats..."
Verse 45 "When it clashes above..."
Verse 46 "Don't do the Crooked, strike short..."
Verse 47 "Strike crooked to who irritates you..."
Verse 47 Passage 34 "Another break against the crooked-cut"

The Thwart Stroke

Verse 49 "The Thwart Stroke takes..."
Verse 49 Passage 40 "Here note the break against the upper thwart-cut"
Verse 49 Passage 41 "Here note the break against the low thwart-strike"
Verse 50 "Thwart with the strong..."
Verse 50 Passage 37 "Again a play from the thwart-cut"
Verse 50 Passage 38 "Again a play from the thwart-cut"
Verse 50 Passage 39 "Another play"
Verse 51 "Thwart to the Plow..."
Verse 51 Passage 43 "Again a play from the thwart-cut"
Verse 52 "He who thwarts well..."
Verse 53 "Whoever conducts the Failer..."
Verse 54 "The Reverser enforces the..."
Verse 56 "Double the Failer..."
Verse 57 "Twice further on..."

The Squinting Stroke

Verse 58 "The Squinter breaks into..."
Verse 60 "Squint when he is short against you..."
Verse 61 "Squint to the point..."
Verse 62 "Squint to the head above..."

The Scalp Cut

Verse 63 "The Scalper..."
Verse 64 "with its turn..."
Verse 65 "Whatever comes from him..."
Verse 66 "Slice through the Crown..."

The Four Guards

Verse 68 "Four guards alone hold..."

The Four Oppositions

Verse 70 "Four are the oppositions..."
Verse 70 Passage 64 "The first cut is the crooked-cut, which breaks the guard that is named the ox."
Verse 70 Passage 65 "The second is the thwart-cut, which breaks the guard from-the-roof."
Verse 70 Passage 66 "The third is the squint-cut, which breaks the guard of the plow."
Verse 70 Passage 67 "The fourth is the parter, which breaks the guard that is named the fool."
Verse 72 "If you are parried..."
Verse 72 Passage 70 "Yet another play against the parrying"
Verse 74 "Set upon the four ends..."
Verse 74 Passage 72 "This is the text and the gloss of yet another play against the parrying"


Verse 75 "Learn the chasing..."
Verse 75 Passage 74 "Yet another traveling-after"
Verse 76 "Two outer intentions..."
Verse 76 Passage 76 "The other outer-possession"
Verse 78 "Learn the feeling..."
Verse 79 "Chase twice..."


Verse 80 "Who wants to strike below..."

Setting Aside

Verse 83 "Learn to set aside..."
Verse 83 Passage 83 "Yet another play from setting-aside "

Changing Through

Verse 86 "Learn the changing through..."
Verse 86 Passage 86 "Another"


Verse 88 "Step close in binding..."

Running Through

Verse 91 "Run through, let hang..."
Verse 91 Passage 89 "This is yet another play about running-through"
Verse 91 Passage 90 "A wresting at the sword"
Verse 91 Passage 91 "Yet another wresting at the sword"
Verse 91 Passage 92 "Yet another wresting at the sword"
Verse 91 Passage 93 "Yet another wresting at the sword"
Verse 91 Passage 94 "Yet another wresting"
Verse 91 Passage 95 "A sword taking "
Verse 91 Passage 96 "This is yet another sword taking"
Verse 91 Passage 97 "Yet another play against the parrying "

Slicing Off

Verse 93 "Slice off the hard ones..."

Pressing Hands

Verse 95 "Turn your edge..."

Two Hangings

Verse 96 "There are two hangings..."

The Speaking Window

Verse 98 "Do the Speaking Window..."
Verse 98 Passage 103 "Item. If he strikes-around from the sword with an over..."
Verse 98 Passage 106 "Item. Note, if he does not wish to withdraw nor strike..."
Verse 98 Passage 107 "Here note how you shall stand in the long-point and what plays you shall execute from it "

This is the Conclusion of the Epitome

Verse 102 "Who conducts well and breaks properly..."
Verse 102 Passage 114 "Item. Do it thusly: When you come to him with the..."
Verse 102 Passage 115 "Item. Or if he binds-on above against your right side..."
Verse 102 Passage 116 "Item. Now you shall know that you shall also execute ..."

TODO - Match verses and passages for Additional Longword, Shortsword, and Horseback


Verse 1 "Direct your spear..."
Verse 2 "If it drops..."
Verse 3 "Strike in, don’t pull..."
Verse 4 "Grasp to his right..."
Verse 5 "The fighting of lance-thrusting..."
Verse 6 "If it changes..."
Verse 7 "Truly seize the strong..."
Verse 8 "And remember: learn well to strongly defend..."
Verse 9 "plant upon without danger..."
Verse 10 "If you want to calmly..."
Verse 11 "Whoever now defends that..."
Verse 12 "If he defends against this further..."
Verse 13 "Be mindful of the openings..."
Verse 14 "Learn two strokes..."
Verse 15 "The Sheep Grip fends off..."
Verse 16 "While under the eyes..."
Verse 17 "Who attacks you..."
Verse 18 "Hanging to the ground..."
Verse 19 "To both sides..."
Verse 20 "If you want to ride..."
Verse 21 "Defend strongly..."
Verse 22 "Who defends against that..."
Verse 23 "Or turn around..."
Verse 24 "With all skill..."
Verse 25 "If you have charged past him..."
Verse 26 "Follow his sword upwards..."
Verse 27 "If one charges on the right..."
Verse 28 "With the arm catch..."
Verse 29 "The messer take..."
Verse 30 "The Unnamed..."
Verse 31 "Their strike, their thrust..."
Verse 32 "If you want to grasp..."
Verse 33 "The Sun Pointer..."
Verse 34 "touch the forehead..."
Verse 35 "So that he sways..."
Verse 36 "Who attacks you with that..."
Verse 37 "Press the arm to the head..."
Verse 38 "If you want to retain yourself..."
Verse 39 "without wrestling..."
Verse 40 "The Before Grip remember..."

Shortsword or Half-swording

Verse 1 "Who dismounts..."
Verse 2 "This do with the spear..."
Verse 3 "Spear and point..."
Verse 4 "Spring, wind set truly upon..."
Verse 5 "If you want to thrust before..."
Verse 6 "Note if he wants to pull back..."
Verse 7 "Then approach him..."

This is the wrestling in dueling

Verse 8 "If you want to wrestle..."
Verse 9 "A bar shoot forth..."
Verse 10 "From both sides..."
Verse 11 "If it happens that..."
Verse 12 "Then behold the thrusts..."
Verse 13 "Strike long with the left hand..."
Verse 14 "If he wants to draw..."
Verse 15 "So that his openings..."
Verse 16 "Leather and gauntlets..."
Verse 17 "The forbidden wrestling..."
Verse 18 "To lock your foe..."
Verse 19 "In all teachings..."
Verse 20 "When one sees that from the scabbard..."
Verse 21 "Then shall one strengthen..."
Verse 22 "Before and After, these two things..."
Verse 23 "Follow in all meetings..."
Verse 24 "If he defends, then pull..."
Verse 25 "If he fights extended..."
Verse 26 "If he also attacks strongly..."
Verse 27 "With his battering point..."
Verse 28 "With both hands..."
Verse 29 "The forward foot..."